Olivia Szego 

Acting for TV & Film and Modeling Alumni

Appeared in 3 TV shows, 1 pilot,  8 films, a runway show,  print Ad, and Maryland Fashion Magazine. 


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About Take The Stage Productions

Sarah Buffinton 

Acting for TV & Film and Modeling Alumni

Starred in a Sprint commercial and several runway fashion shows

 Take The Stage Productions, a mobile performing arts education academy founded in 2012, offers classes in Musical Theater, Storybook Stage Play Theater, Creative Drama, Voice, Improvisation, On-Camera Acting, Fashion and Public Speaking for all ages and levels.  

Take the Stage Productions is dedicated to inspiring  students of all ages to build life skills through a love for the arts-  and firmly believes that arts education plays an important role in cognitive, emotional, and educational development.  

Take The Stage


Gerson Gomez 

Acting for TV & Film and Modeling Alumni 

​Appeared in several TV shows, films, and national commercials, and is currently filming an episodic TV show. Gerson is the face of the Smithsonian Museum and appeared in a Toys R Us print Ad. He has also worked with Nickelodeon, Drew Brees, Olympic Gold Medalist Dominique Dawes, and First Lady Michelle Obama.

Parent & Student Feed Back

"Take the Stage Productions and Ms. April are exemplary and made a big impact ina short time.  We'll definitely be signing up again.  Thank you so much!”

-Mollee, Parent

 "Hannah loves working with Ms. April! [Take The Stage Productions] and [Glee Club] give her a lot of confidence to stand on stage to perform.  She had a solo a couple of weeks ago~ she did something from Frozen and she was nervous but she did well.  Your class just helps in life. :)"

-Christine, Parent

"I saw Gracee grow so much in the short time she's been taking class [Broadway Baby Musical Theater]."


​​"Kelsey is having fun.  She enjoyed class very much, has become more confident and was happy that she made friends!"  

- Broadway Baby Parent

"Thank you so much for being the BEST coach I have had. You taught me that in order to reach your goal you have to work hard and put your best foot forward."

--Gerson, TSP Alumni